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Carried out a root cause analysis using 3D CFD to understand the reason for a significant deterioration in condenser performance for an existing power plant during days with high winds.  Carried out a follow up study to propose modifications to reduce plant sensitivity to wind.

Aerodynamics - computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Combustion modelling

Chemical kinetic modelling

Assessing combustion stability

Assessing emissions

Heat transfer modelling

Supporting water channel, wind tunnel, spray, atmospheric and high pressure testing

Supporting field testing

Root cause analysis

Coaching and reviewing engineering work


Supporting research projects for new technology development - supporting organisation of research funding and managing university based research



Supported design of a steam turbine with 3D multi-phase CFD to optimise seals, provide boundary conditions for mechanical integrity analysis, assess overall performance and optimise the low pressure diffuser for a large OEM.  

Carried out root cause analyses of burner overheating and unreliable engine acceleration at several gas turbine power plants by assessing field data over the time of the incidents.  Made an assessment of the most probable causes and recommendations to avoid a future reoccurence of the problem.  

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Some Example Projects

Supported prototype development, wind tunnel and high pressure combustion tests of a new fuel stage in a gas turbine combustor for a large OEM.

Gave a 5 day course on the aerodynamic design of condensers on behalf of an OEM for their end client.