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Stearman Club

... and you haven't flown until you've flown in an open cockpit.

The Stearman Club, which our Principal Consultant is a member of, owns a Boeing Stearman E-76D N2S registered as HB-RBG.  This aircraft formerly served in the Argentinan Navy.  It has since been upgraded with a Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior R-985 engine giving it 450 BHp as well as adding additional ailerons to the upper wing to improve its roll rate.

HB-RBG frequently appears at airshows across Switzerland and is based at the Fliegermuseum in Altenrhein.

Watch a 360° virtual reality video, from the passengers persepective, of a flight our Principal Consultant made in HB-RBG from Altenrhein to Fricktal Schupfart.

Sightseeing flights in HB-RBG can be booked through the Fliegermuseum here.

You haven't seen Switzerland until you have seen it from the air.

If you are interested in learning to fly, taking a demonstration or sight seeing flight or renting an aircraft (if you are already a pilot) contact: